Custom pro street scooters

Street pro scooterWe don’t just build scooters for the park. A large number of the rides we craft are for street riders. Most of these customers like to start with a Lucky Clover deck and go from there. Larger 120mm wheels and bars that are much taller are very common requests for a custom street ride.

One huge difference between street riders and park riders is that the street guys really want to look cool. It’s a lifestyle. They want to look like the cool skaters out there on the streets. Everything about their appearance is carefully planned. Their clothes, shoes, hat and accessories are all very important. This especially applies to their ride.

If you have a standard street complete from a major manufacturer you are definitely not cool. You want to have the best component from every brand there is out there. You want to be able to tell people why you chose the parts that you chose. We can help make this happen. Fill out our form to request a quote for your custom pro street scooter today.