Evolution of a pro scooter rider

Scooter EvolutionScootering is an incredibly fun sport. It does not matter how old you are, riding a scooter is flat out fun. Most of us started with a Razor scooter when we were really young. They’re great for little riders and are nice and easy for parents to transport.

For those that stick with the sport until they are a little older, the next ride to graduate to is usually a Fuzion (for some it’s a Grit). They are still under a $100 and are a pretty decent scooter to get started with at the park. Of course, once you spend a little time at the park, you will quickly realize that a Fuzion or a Grit is very entry level.

Fortunate riders will then move on to a Lucky pro scooter. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to product quality and wow factor. They look good and they perform even better. Do a YouTube search for pretty much anything related to scooter and odds are you will see a Lucky scooter in the video. Lots of pros ride them and they have incredible street cred.

There of course are a few rebels that don’t want to go with the best. These are the same people that refuse to buy an Apple product because they want to be different. Well, these people end up riding either a Madd or an Envy scooter. Both are great products that cost roughly the same as a Lucky, but there are nowhere near as many videos online with people riding these.

Finally, there is the pinnacle of scootering. The ultimate destination is a completely custom pro scooter. This is what all the pro riders do. They select the components that they like the best from different brands and then they paint their rides to make them look absolutely sick. All their scooters are exactly the right height, width and weight that they are most comfortable riding. This is as good as a pro scooter can get. This is where we can help you out. We will build, paint and assemble the perfect ride for you. Fill out our request a quote form to get started with your build today!