Commuting on a pro scooter

TiresScooters are becoming a more popular choice for commuters. High school and college students like them because they are very portable and easy to secure. Some campuses even allow students to take their scooters into their classrooms.

One common concern for riders that use a scooter to get from point A to point B is weather. The stock wheels become absolutely worthless if the ground is wet. Also, the size of the deck is small for any kind of stability at speed.

For these reasons, we suggest opting for a dirt scooter for commuting. They are a little bigger than a standard park or street scooter. This helps alleviate any back strain that can occur from leaning over too much.

The most important feature of a dirt scooter is the tires. They have pneumatic tires on them that are wider and can easily handle virtually every terrain. You can also reach higher top speeds and still have stability and control. Most importantly, they can handle wet weather without any issues.

If you’re looking to commute, let us build a dirt scooter for you with pneumatic tires and you will be good to go. Just fill out our form to request a quote to get started.